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Positions available now for nurses interested in working in the United States. Since 2007, we have successfully brought hundreds of clinicians to the USA and helped them forge new careers and better lives.

The Opportunity


Start your adventure in the USA. We provide you with the tools to achieve your personal ambitions. The USA is an expansive nation with room for you to create your own opportunities.


Our 3-year contract provides you with the stability to start your career in the USA. With options to renew the contract, most international recruits stay with us an average of 7 ½ years.


We offer competitive pay above the industry standard, based on the individual’s experience and cost of living in the area. You will also be eligible for yearly raises based on annual performance reviews.

Advance Your Career

Are you tired of the limitations in your current workplace? Working in the USA can provide you with greater opportunities for upward mobility, continuing education, and professional development. At Kare Partners, we recognize driven individuals who go above and beyond their job description. Promotions and job mobility are not limited to your current position or field.

Bring Your Family with You

Are you concerned about the challenge of moving your family to a new country? When you process your green card with us, your spouse and eligible children can receive green cards as well. Your whole family gets the benefits of working, going to school, and living in the USA.

Locations Available Now

Living in the USA

we have openings available across the united states.

There is currently a high demand for registered nurses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, and several other states.

  • Gorgeous countrysides
  • Friendly communities
  • Room to grow
Due to the length of time for immigration processing, we cannot guarantee final placement location when the applicant is hired. However, we will consider location preferences when possible.

Partner with Us

We are a company founded by immigrants for immigrants. When we began international recruiting in 2007, we wanted to provide other immigrants the advantages we never had. We are more than just a green card service; we help you through each step of the immigration process, from the initial exams to a soft landing when you arrive.

full sponsorship

Full sponsorship means that we pay for every step of the process, including visa screening, nursing licensing exams, English exam, your green card processing, and even your flight over.

premium processing

Waiting can be the hardest part of immigrating, so we pay premium for green card processing, so you can get through as quickly as possible. With us, the entire process usually takes 12-24 months.

warm welcome

Coming to a new country can be overwhelming at first, so we are there to meet you when your plane lands. We will help you acclimate to American culture at every step of the way.

About Us

Established in 2004, Kare Partners is a healthcare company dedicated to service and innovation. By investing in new technologies and untapped industries, we connect underserved areas with the services and resources they need, whether that means starting physical therapy clinics in North Carolina, establishing heart health centers in India, or bringing international nurses to the United States. Today, there is a tremendous need for registered nurses, and we are working to help foreign-trained nurses immigrate to the USA, filling the growing demand for nurse staffing while enabling nurses to achieve their dream of coming to the United States.

Compleat Rehab & Sports Therapy

Compleat Rehab & Sports Therapy is a physical therapy company based in the United States. What started as a single outpatient clinic in 1989 has since grown to 11 clinic locations in North Carolina, and we’re continuing to expand to meet the demand of growing communities in the Southeast. Our motto is ‘We Keep You Moving!’, and we employ evidence-based practices and new technologies to help our patients achieve that vision.

Compleat KiDZ Pediatric Therapy

Compleat KiDZ offers pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, and behavioral therapy in multiple outpatient clinics in the USA. Though we began as a branch of Compleat Rehab, we’ve since become an independent entity, with a brand trusted by families and physicians alike.

Hot Springs Sports Medicine

HSSM has been offering physical therapy and rehabilitation to the residents of Hot Springs, Arkansas for more than 30 years, becoming one of the most trusted therapy providers in the state. In the past few years, we’ve expanded to multiple outpatient locations, and added a state-of-the-art therapy pool and fully equipped gym to our original flagship clinic.

Kare Partners, India

At Kare Partners, India, we’ve established ourselves as a brand based on trust and transparency, a revolutionary approach in India’s healthcare industry today. By staying true to these two values, we’ve gained the recognition of our physicians and partners. We currently have locations throughout Northern India, with seven heart health centers, two intensive care facilities, and a mother and child/ NICU clinic.

Kare Partners Home Health

Kare Partners home health staffing solutions connects experienced clinicians with the positions where they’re needed most. We’ve placed hundreds of clinicians in home health positions across the United States. And unlike many staffing agencies, we provide our clinicians with ongoing support, benefits, and stability even after placement.

TGS Healthcare Solutions

Since 2002, TGS Healthcare Solutions has been recruiting skilled clinicians to provide staffing for healthcare agencies throughout the USA. We serve hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehab providers, and other healthcare organizations. We specialize in recruiting trained nursing and therapy providers with advanced technology and rigorous screening processes. We provide ongoing support and benefits for our clinicians that goes above and beyond the industry standard.

Our family of companies include:

Compleat Rehab & Sports Therapy

Compleat KiDZ Pediatric Therapy

Hot Springs Sports Medicine

Kare Partners, India

Kare Partners Home Health

TGS Healthcare Solutions


  • The whole process, from the time you sign the initial contract to the time your work assignment in the USA begins, should take 12-24 months. The exact time depends on factors like your level of English, how quickly you pass the nursing license exams, and your commitment to coming to the USA.

  • Green card processing time periods change constantly, but you can check the time estimates here. We pay for premium processing meaning your green card will be expedited as much as possible. Currently the processing time is about 12 months. The entire process to come to the United States is expected to take 12-18 months.

  • In most cases, registered nurses from Europe meet green card requirements. Assuming you meet the requirements, we will file for your green card and pay for premium processing.

  • For all approved candidates who sign the 3-year work contract with us, we sponsor the entire process from start to finish. We will pay for your English exam, nursing licensing exams, green card processing, and even your flight to the USA. The only aspect you will be responsible for is providing your translated college transcripts. Your college transcripts must be translated by a certified legal translator.

  • This opportunity requires you to commit to a 3-year contract. Because the process takes 12-24 months to complete, we cannot guarantee you specific work settings or facility locations when jobs become available. However, we will take your preferences into consideration.

  • Your salary will depend on your years of experience and the cost of living in the area you will be working. In all cases, the minimum salary is set by the PERM prevailing wage, which is determined by the US Department of Labor.

  • We do performance reviews on an annual basis and adjust salary in line with individual performance for the past year.

  • Because the entire process takes 12-24 months to complete, we cannot guarantee you will be working in a specific part of the USA when you sign the initial contract. At the present time, we have a significant need for Registered Nurses in North Carolina, South Carolina, and several other southern states. Future needs are anticipated in New York and Massachusetts as well.

  • We advise that you rent an apartment when you first arrive in the USA. Then, you can take time to learn the culture and the area and determine where you want to live before purchasing a home. We will provide you with a list of appropriate apartments in the area before you arrive to help facilitate your move.

  • When we file for your green card, we will also file for your spouse and eligible children if you request to include them. They will receive their green cards when you do, and your spouse will be able to work in the USA upon arrival.

  • Since we cannot guarantee work setting, some of the registered nurses who come to the USA may end up working in home health. If you are place in a home health position, you will need a car for transportation. If you want or need to purchase a car once you arrive in the USA, we have a car loan system that will enable you to obtain a car loan at a below-market interest rate.

  • Coming to a USA for the first time can be overwhelming, but we will be there to help you acclimate to American culture every step of the way. We will meet you at the airport when you land and take you directly to your housing. We provide driving instruction and assist you in obtaining your American driver’s license. From grocery shopping to navigating transport, we ensure your transition to the USA is as easy as possible.

  • It is true that work life in the USA is different than in Europe and other parts of the world. We provide 2 weeks of annual vacation in addition to 7 annual holidays, such as Christmas and New Year’s. You also get one (paid) day for continuing education, to enable you to take relevant coursework. You also get to earn one additional vacation day with each completed year of employment. So, you will have 10 vacation days in year 1, 11 vacation days in year 2, 12 vacation days in year 3, etc. Note that the maximum number of vacation days will be capped at 15 days per year. Your typical workweek will range from 36 to 45 hours per week, depending on your specific assignment.

  • Given the complexity, time, and financial investment made, we do expect a 3-year contract to be honored. In extreme situations where completion of the contract is not possible, such exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


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